If your tickets are unused due to disruption, where there was not a following service within a reasonable amount of time, you can apply for a refund within 28 days of the expiry of the tickets. If the tickets are unused for any other reason a refund on them will incur a £10 administration fee unless otherwise stated.

To get a refund please follow the instructions below. Please note we will need your original tickets (not copies):

  • For tickets bought at the station you can apply for a refund at your local station or write to: London Midland Refunds, PO Box 4323, Birmingham B2 4JB
  • For tickets bought online at please logon to your online account and fill in the relevant form and send it back to                                
  • London Midland Returns,
    London Midland,
    3 James Chalmers Road,
    Arbroath Enterprise Park,
    Kirkton Industrial Estate,
    DD11 3RQ
  • For tickets bought over the phone please write to: London Midland Refunds, PO Box 23972, Edinburgh, EH3 5DA

If you simply want to make the journey on a different day or at a different time, most tickets can be amended before the date of travel (on payment of the administration fee and any difference in fare). Please check the terms and conditions relating to your fare though, as you cannot make changes to (or get refunds on) certain tickets.

Season ticket refunds

If you no longer need your season ticket, you can apply for a refund as long as it still has at least 7 days’ validity remaining (or 3 days for 7-day season tickets). The refund is calculated from the date we receive the ticket. Please note that due to the discounted nature of season ticket prices, you may not receive a refund in certain circumstances. For example if you have used an annual season ticket for 10 months and 13 days or more.

You can hand in your ticket at the station where you bought it, or post it to the appropriate refunds department listed above. Refunds are not calculated on a pro rata basis: we will refund the difference between the price you originally paid and the normal cost of daily return travel for the period, to include monthly, weekly and daily tickets as appropriate. This is from the date the season ticket started until the date we received it (less the administration fee mentioned above).

If you’re ill, your refund will be calculated from the date we receive your ticket unless you can provide a medical certificate showing that you stopped using your ticket earlier, plus (if requested) confirmation from your employer. Please note that we will not refund your ticket if you use it during or after your illness.

Duplicate season tickets are not normally entitled to refunds. Please refer to the National Rail Conditions of Carriage for more information.

Changing your season ticket journey

If you relocate, but still need a season ticket, it is usually better to amend your ticket than request a refund, as we can offer a pro rata refund with no administration fee dependant on your circumstances. Simply ask at the ticket office, or if you bought your ticket online, log in to your account and follow the instructions.

Forgotten season tickets

If you forget your season ticket, you will need to buy a daily ticket for your journey. On two occasions within a twelve month period we will refund the cost of these extra tickets, although we will charge an administration fee (currently £10) on the second occasion.

You can apply for the refund at the ticket office where you bought your season ticket (remembering to bring your season ticket, photocard, and the additional tickets purchased).

If you bought your season ticket online, you will need to send the additionally purchased tickets to the online refunds address listed above.


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