Snow Hill Development

Updated: 27 March 2014

Work is underway on a £1 million investment from the National Stations Improvement Programme.

We’ve got some great improvements coming to Snow Hill station:

  • Refurbished toilets and waiting rooms
  • New heated waiting areas on the platforms
  • Refurbished concourse area
  • Weatherproofing of the station from the entrance at the front to the platform, making the station warmer, dryer and more comfortable.

We’ll try and keep disruption to a minimum - but as with any improvement work, we need you to bear with us. They’ll be a period of time when the station toilets and waiting rooms will be unavailable - but we’ll do all we can to provide alternative facilities.

We’re really excited - and hope you will be too!

For more information, and to keep up to date with what’s happening at Snow Hill, visit this page again soon or follow @londonmidland on Twitter

Current Schedule of Works:

 Improvement  Start Date  Completion Date  Status
Refurbished Toilets and Waiting Room - Platform 2 2 Dec 10 Mar COMPLETE
NEW Waiting Area Platform 1 & 2 13 Jan Late March Started
NEW Waiting Area Platform 3 20 Jan Late March Started
Refurbished Toilets and Waiting Room - Platform 3 10 Mar Late March Started
NEW handrails on main stairs Late March Late March About to start
Booking Hall Tiles 3 Feb Late March Started
Overbridge Weatherproofing 3 Mar Late March Started
Glass Partitioning near Ticket Machine 20 Mar Late March Started

Waiting Room on Platform 2:

We made a last minute change to the entry point for the waiting room on platform 1 and 2, so that the entrance moves from the side on platform 2, to the ‘front’ behind where the current silver ‘Commuter’ statue is. This has added about three weeks extra to the project whilst designs are finalised. We expect the waiting room to be back in service by the end of March 2014.

New Glass Waiting Rooms on Platform:

Work has started on installing the new glass waiting rooms on the platforms. This means the space where silver benches are located on the platform will be closed off. This will mean there will be less space on the platform. Some of the seats will be moved to the area further down the platform, to ensure we still keep some seats available. There will still be space available in the area in front of the Food & Drink vending machines.

Our team will work hard to make sure that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Platform Resurfacing Work

Whilst not part of the National Stations Improvement Programme, work will start in early February on resurfacing the platforms near the ‘Livery Street Entrance’, where there is currently a problem with water ‘pooling’ on the platform. When it gets cold, water here can freeze and we have to treat the area to ensure that nobody slips. This will reduce the likelihood of water building up on the platform. This work will occur overnight.

New Lighting on the Platform

Again, whilst not part of the National Stations Improvement Programme work will soon start on changing the lighting on the platform. We will use ‘smart lighting’ to ensure that we have light when we need it and can save energy when it’s not needed. This work will occur overnight.

CCTV on the Platforms

Also outside of the National Stations Improvement Programme is the installation of new CCTV cameras on the platforms at Birmingham Snow Hill.  This work is now complete, with a few tweaks to camera angles being made once the improved lighting, detailed above, is complete.


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