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Revenue protection policy

We are committed to every passenger paying for the journey that they make. We are committed to making it as easy as possible to buy a ticket for travel and ensure that all our passengers enjoy a safe, reliable and pleasant journey with us. We are also committed to reducing and preventing fare evasion on our services.

We will be vigorous, effective and consistent in all our dealings with fare evasion and revenue protection activity, using relevant legislation and powers to ensure that we protect the interest of all our fare paying passengers.

We will make it clear to passengers what their responsibilities are when travelling with us, how to get the correct ticket for the journey they are making and if they do not we will make it clear what will happen and when.

We will:

  • operate a Penalty Fares Scheme at the majority of our stations and on-board our trains
  • prosecute criminal fare evasion
  • prosecute offences under the Railway Byelaws
  • comply with the Data Protection Act 
  • seek financial compensation for costs and damages incurred


All persons travelling with London Midland need to be in possession of a valid ticket or authority to travel for their journey before they travel.
Full details of a passenger’s responsibility to purchase a ticket are detailed within the
National Rail Conditions of travel (NRCoT).

 All tickets are issued subject to restrictions and conditions. When purchasing a ticket from London Midland we will explain the restrictions that ticket is subject to:

  • verbally at the time of purchase if bought at a ticket office
  • in the conditions at the time of purchase if bought online
  • in the conditions at the time of purchase if bought from a Ticket Vending Machine

Penalty fares

 We operate a Penalty Fares scheme on all of our services and at the majority of our stations. Our roving team of Revenue Protection Officers will include ensure you:

  • understand what you need to do about a penalty fare
  • how you can appeal against a penalty fare 
  • what the timescales are surrounding a penalty fare
  • who to contact surrounding a penalty fare

Unpaid fare notices

 Some London Midland staff who do not issue penalty fares may issue an Unpaid Fare Notice. If an Unpaid Fare Notice is issued, we will advise:

  • what you need to do to pay the fare 
  • how you can dispute your liability to pay
  • what the timescales are surrounding the notice 
  • who to contact surrounding the Unpaid Fare Notice


We will privately prosecute, in a court of law, offences reported by our staff. We will make it clear to persons reported for such offences that the facts will be reported.
If you are reported to our prosecutions department, we will advise what you need to do, and that we will contact you regarding the report.

Our staff

Our Revenue Protection Officers are trained to exercise both the power extended to them and any discretion that is available to them under the licences they hold. Discretion given to persons authorised to issue penalty fares can be found within the scheme and contains details including:

  • when a notice can be issued
  • to whom a notice can be issued
  • when a notice may not be issued
  • treatment of vulnerable groups
  • staff training
  • staff licensing
  • staff will be trained in application of: National Rail Conditions of Travel (NRCoT)
    - the Railway Byelaws
    - Restrictions and Conditions of tickets
    - Police and Criminal Evidence Act 
    - any other applicable powers

Use of passengers personal information 

Where personal data is recorded it will be in compliance with the relevant legislation, check our Privacy Policy for details.