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We happily welcome rail enthusiasts to our stations; we just ask that you follow our simple guidelines for your own safety and convenience, as well that of our passengers.


  • at manned stations please make a staff member aware of when you arrive and when you leave.
  • you can do this at either the station supervisor's office or at the ticket office, if both are closed please find a member of staff in the station to inform you must follow any instructions they give you - our priorities are safety and providing a good service for passengers. This includes taking notice of announcements especially about making sure your bags, camera equipment etc. are not left unattended
  • stay safe at all times: keep well away from the tracks and any overhead wires/power supply, away from the edge of the platform and stay in public areas of the station don't position yourself or any luggage or equipment anywhere which might endanger you, passengers, or the normal operation of the station
  • photography is fine, but don't use a flash - it can interfere with the driver's line of sight or view of signals and platforms. For more complicated photography involving lighting, tripods or other equipment as well as filming, permission should be requested from London Midland in advance,
  • permission should be sought for any photographs taken of our trains and property for publication purposes. ¬†¬†
  • enthusiast photographers can take photographs at stations for private purposes, provided they are not sold except to enthusiast magazines
  • all train stations are smoke free.
  • our staff will help where they can, however please understand that thier prioty is the safe running of the service for our passengers
  • please ensure that you act safely and responsibly at all times and stay in public areas only
  • please familiarise yourself with all of the safety and other information notices on display¬†
  • if any of our employees are likely to feature in your pictures we'd appreciate you asking for their permission whenever possible
  • stations are subject to mandatory government security restrictions, which can change without notice and may have different effects on different stations. Our station teams will advise you of any restrictions that apply and depending on the level of security in operation at the station, may not be able to provide the access that you want
  • stations are privately owned property and London Midland may amend these guidelines to improve safety, security and the efficient operation of the railway
  • finally along with all operators, London Midland supports the Guidelines for Rail Enthusiasts, which help remind enthusiasts of their responsibilities when visiting stations
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