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Do I need a ticket to travel?

Yes, you’ll need a valid ticket (or permit to travel) to travel on our trains. If you travel on a train without a ticket, you’ll be asked to pay the full single or return fare or, may be given a penalty fare.

What type of tickets do you sell?

We sell tickets for rail journeys throughout Great Britain, check out our tickets explained section to find out more. As well as our regular fares and season tickets, we have railcard discounts too.

How do I buy tickets?

You can buy rail tickets with our online ticket booking system, from a ticket vending machine or at a ticket office at your local station. Check out ways to pay and buying online FAQs for more information.

Can I save money with a Season ticket?

Season tickets can offer great discounts for regular travellers and are available for all short and medium distance journeys on the London Midland network. They are generally not available for longer journeys although there are exceptions, so please check at your local staffed station or contact our customer relations team for further details. Find out more about season tickets.

At what age does a child have to pay the adult fare?

Up to two children under five can travel with you free of charge if you have a valid ticket. Child fares are available up to the child's 16th birthday. After then, they must buy an adult ticket. Anyone travelling on a child fare may be asked for proof of age by our inspectors.The 16-25 Railcard can save money for young people in full time education.

Can I use my Oyster card on your trains?

You can use Oyster season tickets or Oyster/Contactless “Pay As You Go” (PAYG) on our trains between London Euston and Watford Junction, including intermediate stations. Find out more about Oyster and Contactless payment in London

What railcards are available to get discounted travel?

Railcards are a great way get discounted rail travel throughout Great Britain - saving you at least a third on the standard fare. You can buy railcards online at or from any of our ticket offices. Just choose the one that suits you best.

Can I reserve a seat on your trains?

We don't offer seat reservations on any of our services. If part of your journey is with another train company who do offer seat reservations, we can arrange them for you (subject to availability), when you buy your ticket at a ticket office or online.

Can I use my concessionary (ENCTS) pass on your network?

Yes, if you have an ENCTS pass issued to you by Centro for travel within the West Midlands boundary, or if you have been issued with a Freedom Pass for travel within London.

Centro-issued ENCTS pass holders can travel free on London Midland services within the West Midlands after 09:30 on weekdays or at any time on weekends and public holidays.

Freedom Pass holders can travel free on London Midland services between London Euston and Harrow & Wealdstone, including intermediate stations

You can travel free at all times on most Transport for London (TfL) services.

Can I buy a season ticket with a company cheque?

London Midland accept company cheques as payment for annual season tickets, in the following circumstances:

  • If it is a renewal of an existing annual season ticket
  • If proof of identity, company letter and address are provided for a new annual season ticket

All company cheques must be made payable to 'London Midland' and accompanied by a letter of authorisation on the company's letter-headed paper. Passengers must write their name and address on the back of the cheque and produce proof of their identity and address.

  • Proof of identity can be from: Credit card; employer's identification card; valid Railcard; passport; driving licence.
  • Evidence of address can be from: Driving licence; DSS pension or allowance book; utility bill

Please note: Personal cheques are no longer accepted for new or renewals of season tickets.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

If the train you planned to catch is delayed or cancelled and you decide not to travel, you can return your unused ticket (except season tickets) to any National Rail ticket office for a full refund, no administration fee will be charged.

If the train service is running normally and you decide not to travel you can apply for a refund at any National Rail ticket office by completing a refund application form within 28 days of the ticket's validity. Our staff will tell you if your ticket is eligible for a refund. You may have to pay an administration charge of up to £10.

If you bought your ticket from anyone other than London Midland, please contact them for a refund.

Can I get a refund on my season ticket

If you no longer need your season ticket, you can apply for a refund as long as it still has at least 7 days’ validity remaining (or 3 days for 7-day season tickets). The refund is calculated from the date we receive the ticket. Due to the discounted nature of season tickets, they have no refund value after 10 months and 13 days.

You can hand in your ticket at the station where you bought it, or post it to the appropriate refunds department listed above. Refunds are not calculated on a pro rata basis: we will refund the difference between the price you originally paid and the normal cost of daily return travel for the period, to include monthly, weekly and daily tickets as appropriate. This is from the date the season ticket started until the date we received it (less the administration fee mentioned above).

What time does my local station ticket office open?

You can find out about your station opening hours and other facilities in the A-Z stations guide.

What if I have been away from work because of illness?

If you’re ill, your refund will be calculated from the date we receive your ticket unless you can provide a medical certificate showing that you stopped using your ticket earlier, plus (if requested) confirmation from your employer. Please note that we will not refund your ticket if you use it during or after your illness.

What can I do if my season ticket is lost, stolen or damaged?

Lost or stolen tickets
Please report a lost or stolen season ticket to a London Midland ticket office as soon as possible. You should also report any theft to the police.

If your ticket is valid for a month or more we will issue a duplicate. While there is no limit on the number of duplicates you can claim, additional checks are carried out for the second duplicate issued and any others in a twelve month period.

We charge an administration fee of £10 for issuing duplicates.

Damaged tickets
If your ticket is faded or damaged, or doesn't work in automatic ticket barriers, you can return it to any London Midland ticket office where we will replace it free of charge.

How far in advance can I buy a season ticket?

You can buy a new 7 Day Season or Travelcard Season (or renew following a break in continuity) on the start date, or if the start date is a Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday) from 06:00 the previous Sunday. For Monthly and longer Season tickets and Travelcard Season tickets (including Annual Gold Cards), the following will apply: If the start date is a Saturday, Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday) you can buy your ticket from noon on the previous Friday. If the start date is any other day you can buy your ticket after noon of the previous day.

You can renew your 7 Day Season ticket or Travelcard Season ticket (surrendering your current ticket) where there is no break of continuity as follows: If the start date is a Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday) you can buy your ticket from noon on the previous Friday. If the start day is any other day you can buy your ticket after noon the previous day. When renewing a Monthly and longer Season Tickets and Travelcard Season tickets (including Annual Gold Cards) where there is no break in continuity you can buy your ticket up to seven days in advance. Find out more about season tickets.

Can I change my season ticket to cover a different journey?

If your season ticket is monthly or longer and valid for at least another seven days you can change the origin and/or destination station(s).

The ticket expiry date stays the same and we'll give you a pro-rata refund or charge the difference. You won't have to pay an administration fee.

We can't change a ticket retrospectively so if there is a refund payable it won't be backdated.

Check with the ticket office staff before you apply.

What are the National Conditions of Carriage?

The National Rail Conditions of Carriage are the contract between us and you.Find out more.

What happens if I forget my Railcard?

Your Railcard must be carried on each journey for which it has been used to purchase a discounted ticket. If you forget your Railcard, you will be liable (as now) to buy a new ticket or a Penalty Fare.

However, if it is the first occasion in a twelve month period on which this has happened you should contact London Midland Customer Relations via comments@londonmidland.comor a refund form (available at all LM stations), providing a copy of the Railcard and relevant tickets.

I've purchased the wrong ticket on a ticket vending machine (TVM), what can i do?

If you are at a manned station, take your ticket to the Booking Office immediately and they will be able refund this ticket and issue the correct ticket. Alternatively you can purchase the correct ticket and submit the incorrectly purchased ticket for a refund.

In the unlikely event that you purchase a ticket from one of London Midland’s ticket vending machines (TVMs) and then later discover you could have bought a cheaper product for the identical journey, and that information was not available to you at the time of purchase, you may be entitled to a refund to the value of the difference in cost. Please contact our customer relations team at to discuss this further.
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