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London Midland

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Penalty fares

buy a ticket or risk a fine

Penalty fares apply at the majority of London Midland stations and on-board our trains, which means that anyone who does not have a valid ticket for their journey will be liable to pay a fine.

Full details of our Penalty Fare scheme can be found in our leaflet here. 

What is a penalty fare?

An on-the-spot fare issued to anyone who does not have a valid ticket for their journey, when they have had the opportunity to purchase one. The penalty fare is currently £20 or twice the full priced single fare to the next station stop, whichever is greater.

If I am caught without a ticket do I have to pay the full £20 immediately?

No. If you do not wish to pay immediately your name and address will be taken and a bill will be given to you so payment can be made within 21 days.


What if I don't pay the penalty fare within the time allowed?

If the penalty fare is not paid in full within 21 days, you may become liable to legal proceedings which can result in a fine or a court summons.

What if the station has no ticket office?

If you board at a station that has no ticket office, ticket machines or permit to travel machine available, you must buy your ticket from the staff on the train at the earliest opportunity.

What if the ticket office is closed and the permit to travel machine is out of order?

You can board the train and pay the correct fare for your trip. Revenue protection staff will call our control office, to verify that there was no opportunity to purchase a ticket.

Suppose the ticket machine is closed and I want to pay by credit card?

Obtain a permit to travel ticket and we will refund the cash paid when you purchase your ticket by credit card.

What if I arrive late at the station?

You are still liable for a penalty fare if you board a London Midland service without a valid ticket for your journey. At busy stations ticket machines or extra staff are provided and London Midland operate frequent services on most routes.

What if I want to appeal against a penalty fare?

You will need to contact Penalty Services Ltd, can also contact them by writing to the address below.

Penalty Services Ltd
9 Deben Mill Business Centre
Old Maltings Approach 
IP12 1BL

If you have a question about our penalty fares scheme which is not covered in this list please contact us.

What if there’s a long queue at the ticket office?

This is the reason for not buying a ticket we hear most often by people that have no intention of paying. It makes it impossible for us to distinguish a genuine from a dishonest case and a penalty fare will normally be issued. We monitor queuing times at all of our stations in order to minimise waiting. Revenue protection staff will call our control office to verify there was no opportunity to purchase a ticket.