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London Midland

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We are now promoting the National Rail alerts service.

  • National Rail alerts can be received via email, SMS and Twitter Direct Message, offering you more flexibility.
  • Email and Twitter alerts are free
  • For SMS alerts, you'll be charged 25p for each alert - for example, if your train is delayed and later cancelled, National Rail will only charge you for one message.

  • You can set up alerts for your journey if it involves travelling on more than one train operator.

Click here to sign up now.

Please note: it isn't currently possible to subscribe to National Rail alerts on your mobile, please register on a desktop or tablet


If you still need to sign in to your Journey Check Alerts account, click here.



Journey Check Alerts are changing - here is what you need to know.

What’s happening with JourneyCheck alerts?

As of 01 April, if you are signed up to receive JourneyCheck emails you'll stop receiving them. To continue receiving alerts through email about your train service, you'll need to sign up to National Rail Enquiries (NRE) alerts to continue receiving the information.

Will I be automatically be migrated over to NRE Alerts?

No, you will need to sign up to NRE Alerts on their website. The process is quick and easy via National Rail’s website (desktop and tablet – mobile won’t work) and in 4 steps you can set up the journeys alerts over email (free), twitter (free) and SMS (25p per alert).

Where do I go to  sign up to NRE alerts?

Click here to set up these alerts. You'll need to do this on a desktop computer  or tablet as this page is not currently available on mobile.

Why should I sign up to NRE Alerts?

NRE Alerts give you updates on journeys made with any train operating companies, using a number of data sources to help it identify delays or alterations to your trains. We recognise this is better for you as customers, who may use various routes and train operating companies to make your journey. You can receive alerts for any journey, with any train company, in any part of the country.

Why is London Midland moving to NRE Alerts?

The NRE alerts  system is able to provide you more comprehensive journey information regardless of where you travel to/from. Because the alert system takes information from a wide range of systems it can keep you updated, even after the time you set up the alert to be sent to you, if the picture changes for your journey.

Does NRE Alerts provide the same features and information as JourneyCheck alerts do?

All information regarding the running status of trains is provided by NRE Alerts. However, train formation information will not be provided with these alerts.

To find out if any of our trains services have fewer carriages on the day, please check the Train formation section of the London Midland Service Disruption page which is updated with any changes to carriages as and when they happen. Scroll down and click on ‘Train formation updates’ at the bottom of the page.

What happens if I don't do anything?

As of 01 April you will no longer receive Journeycheck emails. If you wish to receive alerts for train journeys you'll will need to register with National Rail Enquiries