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London Midland

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We're working harder than ever before to support customers with access needs. We want everyone to be able to use the rail network, but sometimes customers don't know just how much support we can provide. Some of the things we are doing to improve access for all include: 

Helping disabled and older customers use our services

We will always get you to your destination, and our promise includes: 

  • value for money discounts 
  • assistance from staff when travelling with us
  • alternative accessible transport when stations or trains are inaccessible
  • clear, consistent up-to-date information
  • a safe and reliable service

London Midland has a Disabled People's Protection Policy (DPPP) which sets out our commitment to ensuring equality of service to older and disabled passengers.  

Download the DPPP - helping older and disabled people (Public version)
Download the DPPP - a guide to practices and policies (Policy version)

Check the rail travel made easy or Atoc website for other UK train operators accessibility information.

Booking assistance 

If you require assistance, (e.g. on and off the train and/or around the station) you can turn up at train stations which are staffed and we will always do our very best to help you as soon as staff and equipment are available. If you would like the reassurance of pre-booking your assistance in order to know that staff are expecting you, then we recommend booking assistance 24 hours in advance (you can book further in advance if you wish).

Requesting Passenger Assistance

Your personal and journey data will be gathered and held within the assisted travel booking system for two years, and made available to all Train Operating Companies and Network Rail for all your bookings, in order that they can arrange and carry out assistance on your behalf. If you do not wish for your data to be shared please call us on 0800 092 4260 or using type talk 18001 0800 092 4260.

Book assistance



By 1 January 2020 all our trains will meet modern accessibility standards, currently on-board we have:

  • a Conductor
  • audio announcements
  • platform-train ramp
  • space for wheelchair users (except in first class)
  • toilets (except on the Stourbridge Town branch)
  • priority seating

Wheelchair information:

  • Maximum size - 700mm x 1200mm
  • Maximum weight - 300kg (including user)

At the station 

All our stations have seating, shelter, help points and customer information screens with live updates. Our staff can help you: 

  • move around the station
  • get on and off the trains
  • with your luggage
  • change trains
  • to and from the car park, taxi rank or drop off area
  • find a seat or wheelchair space (which you can't pre-book on our trains)
  • get one of our wheelchairs (available at larger stations)

Get our travel support card

Carry our travel support card to make it easier for you to let our staff know you may need help. If you'd like us to send you one, contact us. 

Travel Support Card

London Midland has a Travel Support Card to make it easier for some passengers to get assistance from our staff. Anyone who finds travelling difficult can carry a Travel Support Card.

The Travel Support Card is intended to provide confidence whilst travelling for those who need it. You can down load a copy by clicking the green button below, alternatively hard copies are available by post by contacting our Customer Relations Team on 0344 811 0133  (or  0121 634 2040 from a mobile).

The card has a space for a personal emergency contact that could be phoned if necessary, whilst travelling. You can show the card to staff when asking for help or if you have a problem while you are travelling.

There is a blank space within the card with the header ‘How can you help me....’ where details of the assistance staff can offer can be written (specific to the individual card holder) as well as any journey details. If a passenger needs assistance but finds it difficult to communicate with staff, the card can be shown so we can understand what assistance might be required or in an emergency call the contact number provided.

The sort of help that people might need includes getting your bearings in the station or local area, information about platforms or train times, assistance to the platform or train, planning a journey if there are delays, assistance with getting a seat, understanding ticket types and purchase, information about what to do in an emergency.

Download our travel support card here