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London Midland

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Access advisory panel

The London Midland Access Advisory Panel (AAP) has been in place for 4 years and meet 4 times a year. Its purpose is to provide London Midland with an informed and credible panel of stakeholders that discuss and progress issues and opportunities relating to improving accessibility for London Midland’s disabled passengers.  

It is independently chaired and has representatives from the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), SpeakEasy NOW and Action on Hearing Loss as well as customers who travel regularly on the London Midland network

The Panel plays a key role in the sign off of accessibility requirements, such as the DPPP and Minor Works scheme. It has secured broad business buy-in with London Midland representatives from all areas of the business who present updates on a regular basis.

Some of the recent things the panel have been looking at are:

  • Consultation of the Access for all Guide
  • Review of the London Midland Disabled People’s Protection Policy (DPPP)
  • Review of the new London Midland website
  • Improving communication of accessible facilities on board
  • Minor review works


Minor works & Dementia Action Alliance 

Dementia Action Alliance action plan: we were approached by Dementia Action Alliance to develop an action plan to improve station environments for customers with dementia. Our key action was to improve wayfinding signage at stations to identify gaps in signage, particularly at key decision points and this was delivered during 2014/2015.

Minor works Schemes 2016/17

London Midland is committed to working towards delivering accessible stations and trains. Many of our stations already have step-free access and there are plans to further improve accessibility across the network in the coming years.

London Midland are committed to spending almost £400k under the Minor Works scheme. This a programme of small scale accessibility improvements at stations to remove the minor barriers to accessing the station. The following list are the schemes and stations identified for 2016/2017, this process includes engagement with relevant Stakeholders to ensure the most appropriate solution can be delivered within the objectives of the Minor Works Scheme.

The Access Advisory panel developed a strategy to bring all stations to a standard minimum level of accessibility examples are shown below. Approx. 75% of Minor Works funding has been allocated to achieve this aim with approx. 25% of the funding to deliver stakeholder suggested schemes.


Minor works scheme 2016/17

Lee Hall Fit compliant handrails and safety treads to staircases to both platforms
Hagley Fit compliant handrails to Staircases on Platform 1 & 2
Sandwell & Dudley

Provide step free access to waiting rooms on Platform 1 & 2

Install new customer information screen in ticket hall lobby

Install Compliant Handrails to main Ramp leading from subway to front entrance of station (approx 50m in length)

Improve level access to station building entrance points including safety markings

Kidderminster Provide 1 No new portaramp on each of the two Platforms
Hampton in Arden Fit safety treads to stairs on Platform 1 & 2

Install Compliant Handrails to Ramp from Platform 1

Provide 5No EA Compliant platform benches

Marston Green Provide Tactile paving and compliant handrails to short flight of stairs between ticket office and Platform 1, and ramp from car park
Dudley Port Provide level access to waiting room on Platform 1
Coseley Provide level access to waiting room on Platform 1
Lichfield TV Provide night gate from platform 2 to car park
Bourneville Provide Intercom on car park gate to platform 9
Stewartby Provide top up funding to new waiting shelter
Park Street Provide drop kerb in car park to provide step free access to pedestrian path
Great Malvern

Fit compliant handrails and safety treads to staircases in underpass

Provide Canopy to TVM

Fit new automated doors to Ticket Hall ( 2No doors )

Watford Junction

Provide Intercom on car park gate to platform 9

Provide heaters to waiting rooms on platform 7/8 &9/10

Wolverton Provide safety treads to stairs on Platforms 1 & 2

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