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London Midland

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You cannot have more than 9 passengers


You cannot have more railcards than passengers

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for help around the station and getting on & off trains

A member of the Assisted Travel Team will arrange the assistance you require and be in touch to confirm your booking, or ask any extra questions to arrange your booking.

Booking assistance

If you require assistance, (e.g. on and off the train and/or around the station) you can turn up at train stations which are staffed and we will always do our very best to help you as soon as staff and equipment are available. If you would like the reassurance of pre-booking your assistance in order to know that staff are expecting you, then we recommend booking assistance 24 hours in advance (you can book further in advance if you wish).

Requesting Passenger Assistance

In order for us to fulfill your passenger assistance request via the online booking form we will need to capture and record your personal journey data within the Passenger Assist booking system.

If you still require assistance with your journey, but do not want to have your data recorded, just contact our team by either calling 0800 092 4260 or using type talk18001 0800 092 4260.


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