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Eco-friendly vehicles

get cheaper parking at our stations

Eco-friendly vehicles

get cheaper parking at our stations 

Check the emission level of your vehicle on the Directgov website to see if you qualify for cheaper parking at our stations.

Eco friendly vehicle benefits 

  • 50% discount on monthly, quarterly and annual parking permits if your vehicle emits no more than 120g of carbon dioxide every kilometre (120g/km).
  • 100% discount on monthly, quarterly and annual parking permit, if your vehicle is registered with the DVLA and has "Electric" fuel type. This can be checked on the vehicle registration document (V5C) sent to you by the DVLA.
  • discounts available at all of our car parks, check

How do I apply for an Eco-friendly discounted car park permit? 

Please send the following:

  • a copy of the V5C vehicle registration document available from the DVLA
  • details of your home address & phone number

Address to:

  • Customer Support Centre, Indigo Park Solutions UK Limited, PO Box 2466, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 1XH
  •  or Email:


Indigo will verify whether your vehicle is eligible for a discount and contact you by phone or email.

  • 100% discount – Indigo will advise that your application has been successful and will send you a free permit in the post.
  • 50% discount – Indigo will contact you and arrange payment of 50% of the price of the permit.

Once payment has been received they will send you a permit in the post. Please allow at least seven working days for the delivery of your car park permit.


To renew an Eco-friendly discounted car park permit please follow the process above, providing the same documentation to enable Indigo to verify the eligibility of the discount.


If you need assistance applying for an Eco-friendly discount permit please contact Indigo on 0330 1235 247 or email: